Launchpad 30

Launchpad 30


Launchpad 30: Your Fun 30-Day Challenge to a Better Business

Launchpad 30 is a fun 30-day challenge that helps you turn what you love doing into a business that keeps growing. Spend just one hour each day on easy tasks, and watch your work turn into something big and exciting!

What's Inside Launchpad 30

  • A New Task Every Day: You get a cool and simple thing to do each day. It's like following a treasure map to build your business.
  • Fun and Easy Steps: You'll learn how to make your skills into awesome products that people want to buy.
  • Grow and Learn: As you do these tasks, you'll become even better at what you do and understand how to run a cool business.

Great for All Creative Minds

Are you good at drawing, writing, or making things? "Launchpad 30" is perfect for you. It will show you how to make more money from your awesome talents.

Make your Work Fun and Exciting

Forget about boring jobs! With "Launchpad 30," you'll have a great time turning your hobbies into a business that keeps growing and getting better.