📦 From Project to Product

Ever felt like you're on a never-ending treadmill, trading hours for euros, and just not getting ahead? You're not alone.
Philip Wallage
February 20, 2024
5 min read
📦 From Project to Product

Dear fellow-creative,

Ever felt like you're on a never-ending treadmill, trading hours for euros, and just not getting ahead?

You're not alone.

But what if I told you there's a way off that treadmill—a way to significantly boost your income without working yourself to the bone?

Let me share something that shifted my whole freelance game.

Here's My Story

I'm Philip Wallage, and for 12 years, I was deep in the freelance grind as a UX designer, thinking the only way to make real money was to pack my weeks with 40 hours of billable work.

Then, I stumbled upon something: selling UX Design as a Subscription for €5.000 a pop and managing to help 4-10 customers at the same time.

That was my lightbulb moment.

It dawned on me that there's real power in selling your expertise as a product, not just your time.

Stepping Into Productized Services

This isn't about clocking more hours; it's about smartly packaging what you're brilliant at.

Here's how you can start making this shift:

  1. Find what you can Productize: For me, it was Design Sprints. Look for a service you can standardize and sell over and over.
  2. Brand it like a Boss: Think of your service as a product. Give it a catchy name, a clear value proposition, and define the exact outcome your clients will get.
  3. Set a Price that Reflects Value: Move away from trading hours for euros. Your clients are buying results.
  4. Get the Word Out: Use your social media, content, and network to promote your productized service.
  5. Automate and Delegate: Streamline your process. Automate the routine stuff, and delegate what doesn't need your personal touch.
  6. Scale It Up: Once you've nailed down your process, think about expanding. Add new offers or increase your delivery capacity.

Let's Get Real

Instead of "Imagine the Possibilities," let's keep it 100.

Ditching the hourly hustle means you actually get to breathe.

You're in control, picking projects that excite you and focusing on what you love, rather than just filling your hours. It's about doing great work, not more work.

What's Holding You Back?

Worried your skills can't be packaged? Unsure how to market them? I've been there.

But here's the thing: it's less about the skill itself and more about how you frame it.

There's a market for what you're great at; you just need to tap into it.

Jump In With Me

Ready to ditch the time-for-money trade and do something bigger?

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This Friday, we’ll talk about going from Projects to Products. Diving deep into Digital Products & Productized Services.

Here's to making our work life a whole lot brighter!

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