Escape the Hourly Billing Trap and scale your Creative Freelance Business

✓ Boost business scalability
✓ Gain time and freedom
✓ Attract ideal clients
✓ Improve project consistency

Productizer Session

Dive into a 2.5-hour live workshop and walk away with a blueprint to kick-start your productization journey.

Are you a creative freelancer tired of trading hours for money and struggling to grow your business? Discover how The Productizer Program can help you break free and create a sustainable, scalable business model.

Is this you?

  • Unpredictable income
  • Time management struggles
  • Limited business skills
  • Difficulty finding clients
  • Poor work-life balance

What's included

  • Kickstart your transformation in a single session
  • Experience a personalized workshop with an expert
  • Identify your target market during the workshop
  • Tailored guidance on your productization journey


Hi, I'm Philip Wallage and...

I know firsthand how it feels to be passionate about working on exciting projects, yet constantly overwhelmed by the need to build and sustain our businesses.

The frustration of bouncing between projects without a clear path to growth can be exhausting.

You're focused on delivering amazing results for your clients, but that leaves little time to work on your own business.

And when you're without client work, the immediate concern for income has you scrambling to find new projects. This cycle keeps you trapped, trading your hours for money instead of generating income and building wealth.

A handwriten scribble

For almost two decades, I contributed to the success of these amazing organizations

Go from Freelancer to Business Owner

Ready to stop trading hours for money? Emerge with a market-ready productized service for newfound income and freedom.