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🥽 Trying out the Apple Vision Pro

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Move Mobile First Agency in Zwolle to try out the Apple Vision Pro for the first time—fingers crossed! Excitement? Check. Nerves? Double-check. I’m caught between dreams of tech glory and visions of a very pricey doorstop.

🍑 Butt why? Run Digital Projects That Get Results

If you're staying busy but directionless, this one is for you. Today, I'll talk about how I aim my pixels towards solving goals instead of busy-work.

👨🏻‍✈️ Are you talking Design or Business?

Many designers create breathtaking work but hit a wall when it's time to sell. The issue? A gap in business knowledge. You've seen others try quick fixes: They add business buzzwords to their pitches or promise the moon without understanding the client's core needs. These methods fall short. Let me tell you why.

⚡️ The Power of Routine and Discipline for Creative Freelancers

You might think that having a routine is the last thing you need as a creative. After all, isn't creativity all about spontaneity and freedom? Well, you may be surprised to learn that routine and discipline can unlock your creative potential and supercharge your freelance business.

✋ Hold Your Horses on Automation!

Now, we all have a little crush on tools like Zapier or Make. They turn our workdays into magic. Minus the pointy hats and wands. But here's the catch: Not everyone should jump on the automation bandwagon.
5 min read

👂 Talk & Listen

After talking to digital agencies, here’s what I’ve found out about how they manage design work—some interesting stuff! Agencies make cool digital things, but balancing design and development can be tricky.

😫 Self-Honesty Now

This isn't just another newsletter in your inbox. This is a wake-up call. A direct challenge to the one person who can truly pivot your freelance career: YOU.

🫠 The Optimist's Guide to Unrealistic Planning

In a world where freelancers boldly leap before they look, I bring you the ultimate guide to blissfully unrealistic planning. It's the kind of optimism that laughs in the face of probability. Welcome to "The Optimist's Guide to Unrealistic Planning" – where your ambitions are sky-high, and your plans are, well, let's just say "aspirational."
5 min read

📦 From Project to Product

Ever felt like you're on a never-ending treadmill, trading hours for euros, and just not getting ahead? You're not alone.

✏️ Thats Write

Writing is a crucial skill for freelancers. It's how you communicate value to clients, share expertise, and grow your business. Good writing can help you stand out, explain what makes you different, and show why clients should choose you.
5 min read

👷 Are you building a Digital Product or a Productized Service?

Picture this: You create something cool once – like an eBook, an online course, or even your own app. Then, you put it online and guess what? You can sell it again and again. It's like writing a song and getting paid every time someone listens.

➡️ Visitors → Clients

First impressions are super important, right? Especially now in 2024. And your website's the first thing many people see. So, let's think about this: Is your website really doing its best job?